In 2016 we added a second meningitis vaccine to our regimen to prepare our teens for college. MenB covers a “B” strain of meningitis that manufacturers were unable to include in the current 4 strain vaccine that is given routinely at age 11 yrs. with booster at 16 yrs. This new vaccine will be given at the 16 year well check with a booster the following year. However, any patient age 16 yrs. or older can get the immunization with a booster as soon as one month later. For more information about the vaccine and meningitis use the following link to the Center for Disease Control:

We are also routinely immunizing teenage boys and girls against Human Papillomovirus or HPV with Gardisil 9. This vaccine covers 9 strains of HPV and protects against cancer of the cervix as well as venereal warts. It is given as a series of three vaccines. For more information: