How do I request a Health Form be completed?
You can request a form through our secure patient portal and we can send it back to you within 3 days, given your child has had a well visit in the past year. We have the Kansas and Missouri Department of Health forms, the Kansas and Missouri Pre-Participation forms available at our office and would be happy to provide these for your child at a scheduled well-visit appointment. If you need a Boy Scout form filled out, we ask that you bring a copy to your child’s well visit that has the parent portion completed and we can fill the rest out in the office. If for any reason you need a health form completed outside of a well-visit, we will be happy to complete these requests for those patients who have had a well-visit within the last 12 months. We do ask that you allow up to 10 days to process health form requests. This information is considered protected health information and is available to be picked up at our office or to be sent through our secure patient portal for your convenient access from home. Any forms that need to be processed the same day may require a charge to be expedited, please allow adequate time for all health form requests.

The Kansas High School PPE (Pre-Participation Evaluation) states that it must be completed after May 1, does my child need to be seen for another well-visit?
Kansas High School PPE forms state “PPE shall not be taken earlier than May 1 preceding the school year for which it is applicable.” At Premier Pediatrics, we recommend patients have one well-visit per year around their birthday; this allows our patients’ well-visit appointments to be spread out throughout the year and avoids overflow during the summer months. We will print/prepare a PPE form after May 1 (in accordance with the Kansas rule) for a patient who has had a well-visit in the last 12 months. This will be prepared with the understanding that our providers have followed your child medically and are aware of any health changes that may have occurred with your child since their last physical exam. Therefore, if your child is an active patient at Premier Pediatrics, he/she does not need an additional examination to prepare a PPE form.

Please note that well-visit examinations, physical evaluation, sports physical, camp physical, etc. are synonymous and refer to the same appointment that your child receives once per calendar year.

Can you fax a health form?
Unfortunately, no. The information contained in a health form is considered protected health information and may not be faxed or emailed. These forms will need to be picked up at our office.

How can I get a copy of my child’s immunization record?
We would be happy to provide a copy of your child’s immunization record at any time. Please feel free to ask for one at your child’s well-visit or to call our office to request a copy. Immunization records are considered public health records; therefore, they may be faxed if requested or picked up at our office. You may also access your child’s immunization records at any time through our patient portal!

How do I transfer Medical Records to or from Premier Pediatrics?
New patients wishing to transfer medical records to Premier Pediatrics from another office will need to do so in writing. We have medical records request forms available at our office and on our website which may be faxed to the previous office. Every office has a different medical records request policy; you may need to contact your previous office to find out their policy. The most important items to request are the patient’s immunization record, the patient’s growth chart, and the patient’s last well-visit. If you choose to transfer the entire patient’s chart, please know that these records are your property; we will borrow them to scan them to our system and then return the records to you.

If you ever need to request medical records from our office, you will need to complete our Medical Records Request form available in our office and on our website. We do not currently charge a fee for these requests; however please do allow 10-14 days for the request to be processed.